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I come from generations of musicians, live audio professionals, this is how I grew up and what I enjoy doing.

DIA Musica is owned and operated by Jesus Imbachi aka 'Chiquis', a professional percussionist from Cali Colombia, the world’s “Salsa Capital”, raised in New York, and now established in South Florida.

Most of 'Caleños' (people from Cali) have a strong musical influence, because it’s in their blood, and even though salsa was not originated from Cali, it has been taken up by the locals for many years, a City that’s filled with dance studios, bars, and salsa clubs, and festivals throughout the year make Cali a very popular place.

'Chiquis' grew up listening to his father’s band and working along with him at concerts and private events, allowed him to become known in the music industry, and eventually joined a kids salsa band at an early age called “Las Charanguitas” that toured all over the world and became very popular in the 80’s, until making New York City his new hometown, a dream come true!

In New York he continued his musical studies and started his own Salsa Band “Grupo Mission” which was very popular in the 90’s, playing at local bars and clubs in New York. Moved to Miami, FL in the late 90’s, and has been established there since.

Jesus Dario Imbachi
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Jesus Dario Imbachi

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